Saturday, January 23, 2010

MR Autogynephilia on Castration

Some people see AGP as a fetish, others as a clear cut sign on transsexuality. Regardless of it I do believe that aslong as my fantasies about being a women are erotic and sexual I may never understand cleary what they may or may not represent. I have been brought onto an idea by a few feinds of mine on the web that it might be helpful to consider some form of medication that will reduce my libido. This proscess is generally reffered to as chemical castration Im currentlly about to enlist into the military and im not sure what the rules are about this prosscess. Chemical castration is generally a method used as a court ordered punishment for sex offenders. Its is a method that is completely reversible unlike the method of surgical castraation which involves a complete removal of the testicals.
I first read about chemical castration while reading up about pedophilia, a brother paraphilia to autogynephilia. While pedophilia is obviously much more dangerous than autogynephilia they are however related in that they are both considered sexual disfunctions by society. I can also understand what it is to have a sex fantasy that can never be achieved. There must be a great anxiety felt by these people. No one asks to be born with a paraphalia and yet alot of us are. Its great that technology today can help us deal twith such issues.
The question that I would like to answere through this proscess is whether or not my transgender fantasies will dissapear with the loss of my libido. I fear that if I lose my AGP feminization fetish I will still have transgender feelings in other ways. Personally I never fit the description of the classic transsexual as a women trapped in a man's body but I have always felt rather different. I never really got along with boys or girls and I spent much of my life trying to overcompinsate for a lacking masculine side that I regret today. I think that this may be a good step to take to help understand myself a little better but I would like to know what you guys think. You guys and comment here or in my most recent vlog titled "updates" on my youtube page. You can also send me a personal message on youtube aswell.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MR Autogynephilia Youtube Vlog

Hi, my name is Justin. Im a 19 year old autogynephiliac and I just created this blog so that I can reach out to others with this sexual paraphalia.

Autogynephilia is a term coined by Psychologist Ray Blanchard that describes a paraphilia in which men are sexually aroused by the fantasy that they are women. This is a very unique sexual orientation that affects men. Some refer to it as transvestism, but the mental aspect of it is so much more than the physical act of crossdressing can express. So I just made this blog so that I can discuss what it is like to have such an outrageous fantasy throughout your life and how it has affected mine.

I understand that there is alot of negativity felt toward the use of this term. Just know that I do not represent any of the theories by Anne Lawrence, Bailey or Blanchard. I find it idiotic to discuss the motivation for transwomen to be based from sexuality, I understand that those three were a very negative group who hurt many people in the trans community and I am only hear to discuss the sexual paraphalia that the term Autogynephilia represents by it's own definition.

I wont be blogging very much on here because I prefer to use video vlogging on So if you're interested in this topic please subscribe to my channel

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